On The Attack Records

Hardcore. Metalcore. All things Heavy.

Delivering beatdowns since 2005. Started in the Bronx. Moved to Santa Cruz in 2013.
CDs and merch are available now in the US from the SkyBurnsBlack Records distro webstore, and in the UK from The Metal Onslaught webstore.  Or, digital downloads from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and all major digital distributors.

Released in Santa Cruz, California:

OTA31 - Living In Victory - Freeman EP
OTA30 - Spirit and the Bride - Dry Bones
OTA29 - Rapture - Persevere EP
OTA28 - Spirit and the Bride - With Eyes and Ears to See and Hear
OTA27 - Starve - Desperate Measures
OTA26 - Surpasses - Surpasses
OTA25 - xDEFIANTx - Fourth Plague
OTA24 - Dangerous Minds - Blood Diamonds
OTA23 - Rapture - Trials EP
OTA22 - Judgement x Day - The Altar
OTA21 - Revivalist - brother. EP
OTA20 - LIV. (now Living In Victory) - Be The Change
OTA19 - Kings & Daughters - THE LION

Santa Cruz alumni artists:
All The Departed (Ft. Wayne, Indiana) - https://www.facebook.com/AllTheDeparted
Refuge (Jacksonville, Florida)  -  https://www.facebook.com/RefugeFL
Rhema (Rochester, New York)  -  https://www.facebook.com/Rhemasfhc
Starve (Abilene, Texas)  - 

Released in Bronx, New York:
OTA18 - King Of Clubz/Providence -Time For Grievance (Split)
OTA17 - Strengthen What Remains -Humanity
OTA16 - Heartbeatstill -Transcendence
OTA15 - Clear Convictions -The Mystery Of Iniquity
OTA14 - Unstable Foundation -Strength Through Determination
OTA13 - Smash Your Enemies -The Great Midwest Trendkill
OTA12 - Hit List -Hit List
OTA11 - AXP -The Devil We Don't Know
OTA10 - Eden Demise -The Takeover
OTA9 - Eternal Plague -The Lust Of A Wretch
OTA8 - Weight Of The Crown -Keep Your Head Up
OTA7 - Fallbrawl -Cold World
OTA6 - One Step Too Many -Under The Bar
OTA5 - With Open Force -Light Shows Me Who I Am
OTA4 - Search Bloc/Not Without Resistance -Split
OTA3 - Fatality (NY) -N.Y. State Of Mind
OTA2 - Line Of Scrimmage -Cinderblock Solution
OTA1 - Blood Of The Martyr -Fresh Start

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Contact us at OnTheAttackRecords [at] gmail [dot] com.  Check out our sister label Thumper Punk Records (https://www.thumperpunkrecords.com).